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Introducing ECO

At Hagerty, everything we do is geared toward saving driving and car culture for generations to come. A big part of saving driving means saving the beautiful, scenic landscapes that help make driving the memorable and meaningful hobby that it is.

The fact is, driving the vehicles we love produces carbon dioxide, which has a negative impact on the environment. And while it’s true that collector vehicles represent a tiny fraction of the emissions generated by the global transportation sector, we are committed to helping steer the future toward a cleaner, healthier planet where we can continue enjoying the things we love — like getting out on the open road.

That’s why we’re proud to introduce the Enthusiast Carbon Offset (ECO) program. Thanks to a partnership with Chrome Carbon, perhaps the only carbon reduction and reforestation program started by and for automotive enthusiasts, we’re offering our car lovers the opportunity to easily calculate their carbon footprint and take tangible steps to help offset it.

Join us as we drive toward a future filled with fun cars and beautiful places where we can enjoy them.

  • 1,000

    Average yearly miles driven for a collector car

  • 1,575kg

    Average CO2 emissions per year from a collector vehicle

  • 21kgs

    Average CO2 absorbed by one mature tree per year

  • 180kgs

    Average O2 produced by one mature tree per year

How it works


Enter your driving details. Select your vehicle type and miles to offset. Hagerty members drive around 1,000 miles a year in their collector vehicles.


The calculator below will estimate how many trees you need to plant to offset your mileage.


Restore our forests, ecosystems, and biodiversity – which helps absorb CO2 from the atmosphere – by having trees planted on your behalf.

Emissions calculator

Quickly and easily estimate your vehicle’s carbon emissions below. Simply select your vehicle type and the amount of mileage you’d like to offset.

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What you’re supporting

When it comes to restoring and protecting our beautiful landscapes, there’s important work to be done just around the bend. That means your emissions offsets will always be used to replenish forests and natural habitats that are close to home and your favorite driving roads — especially areas affected by wildfires, wind damage, tree diseases and insect damage. Want to know more? Check out a few specific projects that your contribution will help fund:

Community Forest Restoration

At multiple sites across the UK, various species of trees will be planted to increase biodiversity, improve water and air quality, increase public access to woodlands, restore habitats and more.

Free Trees for Scotland

“Free Trees for Scotland” empowers communities to work together to restore and revitalise natural ecosystems, which help create carbon sinks, prevent soil erosion and more.

Steering the future

The Enthusiast Carbon Offset program is just one of the many ways Hagerty is using business as a force for good. Cruise over to the Hagerty Impact page to learn more about our priorities and strategies for driving positive impact in the world.

1955 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing


ECO is a program launched by Hagerty to allow vehicle owners and enthusiasts to easily calculate the carbon footprint associated with driving and take tangible steps to help offset it. ECO is the first step in a holistic Hagerty Impact strategy that will educate and empower enthusiasts to drive positive change across a range of social and environmental activities. Hagerty will lead the way, eliminating single-use plastic bottles and offer the ability to offset your carbon emissions when attending Hagerty owned events.

The program calculates the carbon output based on the vehicle, type of driving and fuel consumption. This calculation determines the number of trees required to absorb the carbon output. Our partners at Chrome Carbon then plant the designated number of trees based on your individualised calculation.

Driving vehicles powered by combustion engines results in the creation of carbon dioxide. While the total carbon footprint of classic and enthusiast vehicles is a small percentage of the overall transportation industry, we want to empower enthusiasts to take steps to lessen our collective impact on the environment.

Yes, the cost to offset is based on factors such as vehicle, type of driving and fuel consumption. On average, a classic vehicle driven 1,000 miles that achieves an average of 15 MPG will cost approximately £28 per year.

No. The entire cost of an individual offset is paid to Chrome Carbon with no fees or revenue retained by Hagerty.